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Cape Kaliakra is located 19km. south-east of hotel “Anelia”. It is one of the most beautiful and strangest places along the Bulgarien North Seaside. The place, where you can listen to legends, buried in sea shells and sea wave's rumour. The most popular of them is the one about the 40 Bulgarian girls. Back in times in order to escape from some conquerors the girls braided their hairs together and hand-in-hand jumped into the sea depths.


Tuzlata sea resort lies on the seashore and is 4km. from hotel "Anelia" apart. It is well known mud-curing center with many thermal springs.


Botanical Garden of the Balchik Castle is one of the most popular vacation and is located 4km. away from hotel “Anelia”.


Dulboka is a place near Kavarna, Bulgaria, where is the famous mussel farm.






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